Thursday, August 27, 2009


I arrived in London Wed. morning, spent the day getting oriented, working websites in my City Road Travelodge, and trying to get my iPhone cracked to let me install a European SIM card.

The boys arrived this morning (Thursday), and by the time I rushed back out to Heathrow to meet them (in order to be listed as a driver on their van rental contract), they were done with that, so Del drove the VW. After stopping at a mall to buy a GPS unit, it took 4 (FOUR) hours to get back to town as the A40 was closed at one point and we sat and sat in traffic (enabling Eric and J to snooze a bit). The Slaves are staying with friends in a flat up in Camden Town, where Eric and I grabbed some English food at what turned out to be a lovely English gay bar. Tonight they're busy preparing merch, and removing the rear seat from the van to make room for gear.

Early tomorrow, I take the tube back up to Camden, and we visit Budget to leave the seat for a month and add me to the driver list, pick up gear from Gibson, and drop it off at Hope & Anchor well before the show. I finished cracking the iPhone software in Camden, gotta get a local SIM card so I can stop paying these outrageous AT&T roaming charges!

I've been watching Del drive on the left all day, anticipating getting used to that and hoping I can avoid a typical American wrong-side head-on event. I'll book a 3rd night at the Travelodge, but probably won't get much use of it, as we must leave London by 8AM Saturday to make the Dover ferry in time.

Meanwhile, London is charming and cute as ever, and I might stick around a while here after the tour is over and the boys go home, before doing the continent.

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